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Cheerleaders Sponsoring “Sadie Hawkins” Dance on Nov. 17

Sydney Nelson, Staff Member

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On November 15, 1937, Sadie Hawkins was inspired by a comic written by Al Capp. The  comic strip was about a day where unmarried women could choose a bachelor in hopes of finding someone to marry. Sadie Hawkins was the loneliest girl in town, and her father started this annual day (Sadie Hawkins Day) because he was worried that his poor Sadie would be stuck living at home with him forever. This day was a race where every unmarried girl would chase men around the town, marrying the man she caught. All of the men dreaded the day for fear they’d get stuck with Sadie Hawkins or any of the other maidens they didn’t like.

So here we are at the beginning on November preparing for Holdrege High School’s own Sadie Hawkins dance on the November 17. To follow the tradition of Sadie Hawkins, the girls will have their turn to find creative ways to the guys to the be their date.

While the girls plot who they are going to ask, the Duster cheerleading squad is busy with the dance plans. The squad is hosting the dance in hopes to get students more involved.

“Our squad is putting on this dance for the students to give them a fun opportunity to have fun without having to spend extra money like you do for homecoming and prom. We wanted it to be a casual, laid-back time where students can get out, get involved, and have a fun time with their classmates,” said junior  cheer captain Raegan Stabenow.

The dance will take place from 8:30-12:30 on the night of Friday, November 17 in the HHS commons.

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Cheerleaders Sponsoring “Sadie Hawkins” Dance on Nov. 17