Girls’ Place Second at Cozad and Compete at Pius X Meet


Competing at the Holdrege Time Trials, the girls’ cross country team takes off at the start.

by Lacy Biltoft, Staff Member

Rushing to the finish line hoping to beat their goals, the cross country girls competed on the Cozad course on September 1 and the Pius course on September 6.

    “The team competed really well and I’m excited to see what the future meets hold,” said Jirsie Klein

    After a strong run in Cozad, the team ended up placing second. Sydney Reed ended up winning the meet with a time of 20:12. Shortly following was  Kenzie Hurlbert taking third place with a time of 20:41. Next to follow was Lacy Biltoft getting a place of eleventh with a time of 21:21. Close behind her was  Jirsie Klein with a time of 22:49. Next was Kelsey Belgum with a time of 24:23.

     “I thought we competed well as a team. It’s nice to see where we are at and continue to work hard,” said Kenzie Hurlbert.

    With high hopes for Pius, the girls continued to push themselves. Kenzie Hurlbert ended up getting fourth place with a time of 19:45, with Sydney Reed close behind placing eighth with a time of 19:58. Lacy Biltoft was next to cross the finish line by getting eighteenth place with a time of 21:13. Next was Jirsie Klein with a tie of 22:41. Following behind her was Kelsey Belgum with a time of 24:56.

    “ The Pius meet had good competition and a course with more hills than I am used to, but I thought our team fought hard for our places,” said Sydney Reed

    The girls are training hard to prepare for their next meet in McCook on September 13.