Daniel Lenaert – Foreign Exchange Student – Experiencing American Culture


Daniel Lenaert

by Lauren Titus, Staff Member

“Something I like about being here is how inclusive the people are, ever since I’ve gotten here people have came up to me and introduced themselves and asked to hang out,” said Daniel Lenaert, Holdrege High School’s new foreign exchange student from Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

    Daniel Lenaert is here for ten months and is staying with the Hilyard family. He is glad he got the opportunity to come here but a minor set back is leaving his six year old sister Isabelle back home.

    “I’m really glad I became an exchange student. I’ve already met so many amazing people and done things I would have never done back home,” said Daniel.

    He is trying to get the full American experience by participating in Homecoming, going to football and basketball games, but he would also love to go sightseeing and visit some big cities.