New Security System Added to High School


Entering the front doors of HHS, sophomore Avery Michalski uses the thumb print scanner to unlock the door.

Amanda Helms, Staff Member

    Holdrege High School has put an extra effort into ensuring the safety of its students and staff. This comes in the form of a new thumbprint scanning system for individuals to enter the building between classes or during study hall.

“It’s nice to feel more secure,¨ stated sophomore Lacy Biltoff when asked her opinion on the impact scanning thumbprints has had on the school so far.

The system was installed earlier this summer so computer technician Brad Larson could begin the fingerprint scanning process at the beginning of the school year. The system has received mixed reviews from students who have had some difficulties placing their finger on the scanner correctly. However, most can agree the added safety beneficial.

  “It makes it so not just anybody can walk in. It will take time to get used to, but it will be a good thing,”  said Mrs. Hellriegel, physical education teacher.

In addition to the fingerprint system, the High School has added a buzzer with a camera for visitors accessing the building. Teachers have been given special badges for access through any door. These features ensure the doors will be locked at all times during school days.