Duster Football Suffers Loss on Homecoming Night


Junior Zach Reed sprints down the “tunnel” during the announcement of starting line-ups.

Tate Florell, Staff Member

Homecoming week isn’t a week that coaches are marking on their schedule… well at least not in a good way. Homecoming week is full of  distractions end on end. The distractions seemed to have taken a toll on the Dusters team. They suffered a 7-45 loss to Chase County.

Leading the team in passing was senior Drake Johnson’s 14-31 passing which accounted for 225 yards and a passing touchdown to senior Aaron Drews. Drake also led the Dusters in rushing with 49 yards. The Holdrege Dusters had a total of 107 rushing yards.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Dusters where pinned back against their own end zone for most of the first half. Junior Zach Reed led the squad in tackles with 15 and senior Werner Winkel-Vargas had the lone sack.

Costly penalties and early turnovers have hampered the success of the improving Duster team.

. Holdrege will be playing a talented Cozad Haymakers team with the record of 2-2.