Boys’ Tennis Team “Serves” in a Different Way


Four members of the tennis team – Eli Borden, Harrison Elliot, Parker Hamling and Garrett Ehrenberg – helped Karla Ruybalid around her home on “Serve Sunday.”

Parker Hamling, Staff Member

    For the past few years, Trinity Church has sponsored a “Service Sunday,” in which they help around the community. This help could be cleaning up some trees or brush to painting to any type of activity. This year, the Methodist Church joined in to help the community. After the afternoon of work, the two churches met at the Ag Center for a meal.

   With  guidance from Jeff Huston and Todd Brown, four members of the Holdrege boys’ tennis team – Garrett Ehrenberg, Harrison Elliott, Eli Borden, and Parker Hamling – helped Karla Ruybalid, the wife of  former tennis coach Ray Ruybalid, who passed away last fall.

  They helped by touching up some parts of her garage with paint and cleaning gutters.

  “We did it because it’s something Ray would have done for Karla,” said Harrison Elliott.