High Helpers Assist Elementary Teachers and Students


High Helper, Senior Jorjah Shimmin, helps an elementary student with her assignment.

Taylor Wiser, staff member

  Teachers don’t always have extra time to work with students, so the “High Helpers” is providing that extra help. They are also being a positive role model to the elementary students. They are showing them the importance of learning. High Helpers, Holdrege High School students,  help elementary teachers with many tasks

    “The purpose of asking for high school helpers is to provide extra one-on-one help for elementary students who are struggling in an area,” said Deb Komenda, Elementary Guidance Counselor.

    Hannah Bryant, Maddy Fritsche, Alivia Nelson, Parker Hamling, Kelsey Belgum, Connie Hampton, Sierra Schemper, Cassidy Newth, and Morgan Hein are some students who have volunteered their time to work with elementary students.

    “I want to major in Elementary Education, so getting experience early I think will help me in the future,” said Maddy Fritsche.