HHS Makes Good Showing at Broken Bow Speech Meet


Boston Petit, staff member

    The weather was snowy on the day of the Broken Bow Meet, and Holdrege brought home the ice. After scare of a cancellation, the Duster team pushed through and came to the meet determined to speak well.

     After a long day of events, the team lined up and awaited their placings. The novice speakers found great success in their events. Grace Maloley spoke her way to first place in informative. Carolyn Hill placed second with her persuasive piece. Bailey Johnson brought home another gold medal for Entertainment. Finally, Madison Parsons placed tenth with her serious prose piece.

     An impressive performance by the novice was met with equal success on the varsity side. Varsity informative speakers placed were Maddie Moore in second, Janessa Landin in seventh, and Nikki Knoell in eighth. In extemporaneous speaking, Amanda Helms took second place and Caden Erickson was close behind in fourth. Boston Petit and Regan Boyken entertained their ways to first and fourth place. In poetry, Amanda Envick was first place, and Tehya Cuypers received eighth place. Wyatt Hornaman placed ninth in Humorous. Eli Dutcher and Regan Boyken both acted in Duet to reach eighth place