Speech Team Competes at CNFL #2

Mrs. McCroden Named Director of the Year


Holdrege Speech team members show off their CNFL #2 medal.

Boston Petit, staff member

The Holdrege Speech Team came off a confidence boost, after bringing home many medals at the Broken Bow Meet, and was ready to take on the biggest meet yet, CNFL #2. A tough meet, but that didn’t stop the team from rallying a good collection of medals at CNFL #1.

     In Novice Duet, Mya Pineda and Maddie Parsons acted their way to sixth place. Another person who claimed sixth place was Carolyn Hill who performed persuasive. Bailey Johnson entertained the crowd enough to land her a fifth place spot in a hard event.

    With a strong performance by the novice speakers, the varsity did not disappoint either.      

   “One of the biggest reasons I come to this meet is to get the pizza at the end,” said Amanda Envick.

    Amanda Envick placed  fourteenth in serious and fourth in poetry. In extemporaneous speaking, Amanda Helms finished in sixth place. In poetry, Tehya Cuypers also placed seventh. Tehya also placed fourteenth in Entertainment along with Regan Boyken, who placed second. Wyatt Hornaman humored his way into fourteenth place in Humorous Prose. Maddie Moore has had a successful season so far, and continued this streak by placing fifth in informative speaking. Finally, Eli Dutcher and Reagan Boyken performed their duo that put them to tenth place.

   A special award is given out at CNFL 2, that is unique to the meet. With over thirty schools attending, students are asked to nominate any director that they feel deserves the reward.

   Our very own Tonya McCroden was nominated and selected for Director of the Year. This is an extreme honor to receive and we are proud of Mrs. McCroden for her achievement.