Ms. Casper Joins HHS Staff as a Student Teacher


Ms. Casper

Avery Michalski, staff member

This semester at HHS there are two student teachers from UNK during second semester. One of the student teachers is Tierney Casper. She is teaching with Ashley Brock and Judy Butler.

Ms. Casper has always knew she has liked teaching from when she taught swimming lessons. Ms. Casper had a band teacher who helped her as a student and inspired her to start teaching.

“My band teacher was really the reason I thought about music education, because he was such a stand out person in my life,” says Ms. Casper.

Ms. Casper attended Heartland High School and participated in many sports such as volleyball, basketball, and track. She also was involved in art club, drama club and science club.

During her student teaching experience, Ms. Casper’s number one goal is to learn how to become more comfortable in front of the classroom.

Her biggest fear about student teaching is her piano skills and playing the piano in front of students.

What are Ms. Casper’s impressions of Holdrege High School?

“I really like it! If a job opened up tomorrow, I would totally apply! It’s a great school, the perfect size, not super small but not huge either,” said Ms. Casper.