Ms. Hemmer Enjoys Student Teaching at HHS


Ms. Hemmer

Lauren Titus, staff member

It happens every year and this year is no different as student teachers take over classes to finish up their college degrees. One such student teacher is Ms. Hemmer, who is cooperating with Mrs. Olson, senior English teacher.


    “I have not always had an interest in student teaching or teaching in general. I realized I wanted to be in the field of education when I got a job on the UNK campus as a writing tutor. I would help students almost every day to improve their writing and realized from this how much I liked being there to help people in their academics,” said Ms. Hemmer.


    According to Ms. Hemmer, no one directly inspired her to be a teacher. She had excellent Spanish and math teachers in school, and college professors that encouraged her.


    “I chose English because I had always loved to read books. I excelled in my English class in high school and had ambitions of being a writer. English seemed like a good fit. I also chose Spanish for the same reason. Both of these areas of study have allowed me to understand the world better and explore different cultures,” said Ms. Hemmer.


    Going into the student teaching experience, she had fears.


    “My biggest fear about student teaching was making the transition as a student to a teacher. Making myself reverse these roles was difficult during my first few weeks, but it has challenged me to have more confidence in all I have learned as a student. I also had to shed the fear of making mistakes because, as a human, I am bound to make at least a few,” said Ms. Hemmer.  


    Going to a small school in high school – Lindsay Holy Family High School – Ms. Hemmer learned that Holdrege’s size has an advantage.


    “As someone who grew up at D2 school, most of my first impressions were about how big the school is. Almost every classroom that I am in holds more students than my entire high school graduating class, and my college class sizes also tended to be small. It felt a little overwhelming at first, but now I can see how the size has given students so many different learning opportunities. The students I meet are creative, friendly, and accepting of me as a student teacher, which makes me feel quite lucky,” said Ms. Hemmer.