Robotics Club Competes Against Other Schools

Allmand Bros. Helps With Large Donation


Daniel deFreese and Ryan Salisbury prepare to compete in a recent Robotics Meet.

Lacy Biltoft, staff member

HHS sports teams are not the only teams to compete against other schools. The Robotics Club is a group of middle school and high school students that get together to design, build, and program robots.  

“Each year there is a new challenge that shapes the robot design.  We normally build 3 robots to take to competitions,” said Robotics Club advisor Mr. Kosmicki.

The Robotics Club competition this year was called Turning Point. The goals of the game were to flip large caps, raise the caps on top of poles, shooting balls at flags and finally claiming the “King of the Mountain.” They competed in Columbus, Ravenna, and Aurora this year.  The teams did well competing against some large schools. Normally there are around 45 to 50 teams competing in an event. The team’s robots placed 10th, 14th, and 15th their first competition in Columbus, and they had one team place 12th in Ravenna. In their final competition in Aurora they ended the day with a 7th place finish.

The members of Robotics Club are Daniel deFreese, Ryan Salisbury, Hayden Wiese, Mason Hein, Alexis Gill, Karlie Hudson, and Maggie deFreese. There are also two parents that are a great help to the club, Matt deFreese and Chris Salisbury.

“We were able to compete and purchase some needed equipment thanks to a very generous donation from Allmand Brothers.  We received a $5,000 gift from them,” said Mr. Kosmicki.