Special Education Teacher Never Gives Up On Her Passions


Hannah Anderson, Reporter

There is always a sense of curiosity when a new student comes to our school, perhaps our faculty members feel the same way when a new teacher comes to Holdrege High School. Several new faculty members joined the HHS staff this year, one of those being Mrs. Angie Gibreal, the new Special Education teacher.

Mrs. Gibreal didn’t immediately know she wanted to be a teacher, she decided on this career ten years after she graduated from high school. Mrs Gibreal was passionate about teaching Special Education because there were no programs like this to help the special education students when she was in school. Mrs. Gibreal says that she likes the one on one aspect of her job as opposed to teaching an entire class. 

Teaching Special Education is no easy task. One of the challenges Mrs. Gibreal faces day to day is having to know a little bit about every subject. Students that attend general education classes get help from the teachers from that specific subject but, Mrs. Gibreal has to know how to help all of her students with their homework for all classes. One of her fears coming to HHS was that she didn’t know how our school and students would be compared to the other schools. 

Mrs. Gibreal says that one of the goals she has for her time teaching at Holdrege High School is to do the best she can to help the kids transition from high school to college or the workforce. She may even help one of her students discover their passion.