Bridging Countries: New Student Joins Holdrege High School from the Dominican Republic


Megan Belgum, Reporter

     “I think this year is going to be a good year and a great start to my future,” said one of our newest students Arlette Borrido when asked about her outlook on the year. 

      Arlette moved here from the Dominican Republic in September. She has had many new things to adapt to. When asked what the hardest thing was to adapt to here in Nebraska, Arlette said the weather. “When winter comes, I will be freezing!” 

    Arlettle has been involved in choir and loves spending time with her family. Choir has been one of her most enjoyable activities so far this year. “The people are very nice!” Arlette also said she went to her very first football game ever. “I’ve met incredible people so far, and I can’t wait to meet more!” She said the environment has also been very different. “It is always windy here and it dusks very early.”  One thing Arlette said that stood out to her was,  “Every single house has an air conditioner unit.” Most people don’t think about the benefits we have here in the United States. The Dominican people are a very gracious and kind people, many of whom come from humble beginnings. 

     Arlette’s days are a little different here from her days in the Dominican Republic. “It’s really quiet here. It’s so calm; there is no loud music playing, and there is no yelling,” she said. She plans to keep making new friends and enjoying new experiences. Arlette has enjoyed the year so much already and can’t wait for the remainder of the year. “It’s just amazing!”