Worlds Apart Come Together: A New Student Offers New Perspective


Megan Belgum and Kinsey Urbom, Reporter

Moving to a new place can be hard, especially when you have to get used to a whole new environment. That’s exactly what Joseph Bakare, a new student here at Holdrege High School, said was the hardest part of moving. Joseph is from Nigeria, Africa. As a junior, he receives a lot of homework, which seemed unusual to him. “Back home, we had shorter classes that were only forty-five mintues, and we didn’t have as much homework. We also had two breaks during the day, one longer one and one shorter one,” said Joseph. Joseph had also stated that the teaching methods were very different back home. They wrote more notes than we are used to. He said that his favorite class is English with Mrs. Beerman. One thing Joseph has enjoyed here was homecoming. He said the dance was fun, but the music wasn’t his preference. His friends made the night so much more entertaining. Other changes he’s experienced, include changes in climate.

“It’s a lot colder and windier here! I feel like I always need a jacket with me,” Joseph stated when talking about the climate differences. “The storms here are crazy. I thought the houses were just going to fly away,” said Joseph. At the same time, Joseph also said that it is very quiet here compared to his old home. 

Joseph has experienced many new things here in Nebraska as well. For example, he watched a skydiver float through the sky. “I thought it was absolutely crazy that they were just jumping out of planes!” said Joseph. Joseph had also stated that the people here are very nice and generous, proving that even in places that seem unfamiliar you can find common ground.