Good to Great to Unstoppable


Brooklyn Berney, Reporter

With a younger volleyball team came a lot of obstacles this season. The volleyball team has a motto of “Good to Great to Unstoppable.” This focused on the physical game as well as the mental game of each player. 

With key players out due to injuries, many players had to step up in different roles and change positions on the court. Coach Axmann worked hard to discover how the girls meshed the best as a team to generate the most success. “We can’t control when injuries occur or who they happen to, but we can control how we react and how we handle the situation as a team,” said Head Coach Ashley Axmann. This season the team bonded well, from freshmen to seniors, which helped each player stay mentally tough and realize what she can and can’t control. 

“We’ve become more of a family since we have had so many freshman come up; we’ve meshed better. Our game still needs work, but we’ve improved because we have the same goal, which is winning,” said Senior, Andria Finnegan.With this goal, the team has also added reading books to help them achieve it.

The volleyball team has been reading books and talking about them before every game. These books have given the girls examples of people’s journeys toward becoming successful. Reading the books has allowed the team to understand what professionals have to do to accomplish their dreams. 

“Reading books and talking about them together before each game makes us more accountable to each other and for each other.” said Senior, Anna Grace Weed.

Not only do the girls work hard in practice and the weight room, they work on their mental game. They read books and set smart goals for themselves and the team. This has helped tremendously throughout the tough season.

 “We definitely have improved in every aspect of  the volleyball game, but haven’t been able to consistently show it in a game yet. I have faith that one day people will see how great we have become!” said Head Coach Ashley Axmann.