Swinging Into a New Season


Bailey Edgren

The girls’ golf team of Holdrege High School is swinging into a new season with nine girls on their team; three freshmen, two sophomores, two junors, and two seniors. The majority of the team has never touched a golf club, so the two seniors on the team made it their job to prep the other girls for the next few years’ seasons. Senior Emily Gustafson says, “Tehya and I’s job is making sure to prepare the other girls who are new this year.”

This year I had the chance to sit down and talk with Emily and Tehya about how Holdrege High School and the community could show them support and they both responded with, “We know it’s hard to come to the meets and support us, but you could just ask us how our season is doing. You could also ask how a meet went and try to show that you care.”

Golf is often a sport that doesn’t get much recognition and is a little less mainstream in the world of female high school sports, which brings up the question of what makes golf their sport? Tehya said, “Golf is my sport because it is my success, I earned. In golf, I get to see what I, as an individual, can achieve” Emily commented with, “When I was in middle school, my dad introduced it to me; after that, I put most of my time into it since it is something I bonded over with my dad.” These two determined seniors have looked forward to each season.

Something Tehya looks forward to each season is having a close relationship with the girls and pushing herself to think “forward.” Each season Emily looks forward to participating in golf–it’s her main activity she participates in throughout the year. One thing we and supporters need to always remember, is that golf is not achieved without great effort. Things that are commonly overlooked in golf: a golfer can’t be subbed out, and a golfer has to be on the course all day. I think we can do a better job of getting to know the sport and supporting them as we do other sports, such as volleyball, tennis, and football. Keeping this spirit in mind, we wish next year’s golfers good luck and keep putting through your seasons.