Team Unity for Boys’ Tennis Team


Grace Maloley, Reporter

This season the Holdrege High School boys tennis team has been practicing team unity. They have been supporting each other and building one another up. When asked how the boys are trying to work harder with and for each other instead of against one another, Coach Eric Brown answered with, “Tennis is a very competitive sport. Sometimes we lose track of who we need to be competing against, whether it’s with our teammates or against other schools.” 

Throughout the season, the boys have competed against many other different schools at invites and duals. Every day at practice, the players try to have a more competitive attitude when preparing for the meets. Coaches Eric Brown and Makenzie Wells try to create a encouraging atmosphere, surrounding the team with positivity . The coaches promote their team supporting each other as much as possible. Jaxson Karn, a freshman, says this about the support system his team provides: “The seniors are very supportive. They made me feel like I was a part of the group, even at the first practice, and included me so much.”

When asked about the highlight of the season, Parker Hamling, a senior, mentions that since the boys are halfway through the season, they haven’t reached as many goals as they’d like to, but he is confident the team’s highlight of the season is coming: state. When that time comes, Parker hopes they will all come together to show support for their state qualifiers.

The tennis team has also been working on building relationships that will last beyond their high school tennis careers. They’ve done this by focusing on creating the relationships earlier in the season and having a positive environment from the beginning. Since this has been their focus, they’ve achieved new growth through foundations focused on team unity.