Remember the Dusters!


Chaylyn McGowan, Reporter

Just like the movie Remember the Titans, this year’s duster football team has overcome their conflicts together as a family.

The relationships among teammates this year has been described as family-like. Ethan Twohig, a senior this year, said: “We are able to joke around with each other and have a good time at practice, which makes the season a lot more enjoyable. We compete with each other and the coaches, like we are all brothers.” In addition, Coach Jason Hale said, “This is a great group… the chemistry between players and coaches has been great…our players show up every day and work hard at getting better…”

Each week the team works on their struggles from past weeks as well as their consistency. Coach Hale had this to say: “We have had our opportunities and we haven’t taken advantage of them…we are very productive at times…and at other times we struggle…” The team also helps each other improve by holding each other accountable and pushing one another to do his best at every practice and game. Senior Ethan Twohig had this to say: “ I think we have a really constructive environment in practice. Everyone on our team likes to compete with each other, which allows us to learn a lot from going against each other. Our coaches do a great job of walking us through plays so that we are able to see our mistakes and take the proper steps to fix them. I think our senior class has done a good job of helping the younger guys get adjusted to high school football.”

This year’s football team has had their ups and downs, but together they have remained supportive of one another, building each other up like a family.