Homecoming Week at Holdrege High School


Lauren Titus, Reporter

  “Homecoming week is awesome because everyone is together and you get to bond with your class during float decorating!” said senior Carly Jannsen. 

     Spirit Week has been one of the most memorable events at Holdrege High School throughout the years and still continues to be. In recent years, the high school has involved the elementary and middle school during spirit week by encouraging them to dress up with the senior high students. Student council is in charge of homecoming week and comes up with the themes for the week. This year the themes were different than years past, which inspired the students to get creative. 

     On Tuesday, the theme was Pajama Day which made coming back to school after a long weekend  easier for some students. Wednesday’s theme was Country versus Country Club and the school was filled with students dressed in farming and preparatory “preppy” outfits. Throwback Thursday was many students’ favorite day because they could pick their favorite era and be creative with their outfits. The final day of spirit week was all about school pride and showing the school’s colors to get ready for the game that night. 

     “Homecoming is a great way to show school spirit, get everyone involved, and have fun! It also gives everyone the chance to participate, whether it’s dressing up to fit the theme, attending different activities, or decorating the float for the parade,” said sophomore DeLaney Ham. 

     During spirit week, there are many funny memories made that the students won’t forget. “The funniest part was Natalie Reed’s throwback outfit where she dressed up like a pilgrim,” said senior Tehya Cypers. 

     The students’ crazy outfits of the week make the school days energetic and get the football boys pumped up for the game. “The funniest part was probably when Garret Erenberg only wore overalls for Country vs. Country Club day,” said freshman Cade Kirwan. 

     Spirit week fills the halls with school spirit and brings everyone together. Something that students look forward to for homecoming week is getting to wear whatever they want to school. The crazier the outfits get, the better. The teachers also vote on which students have the best outfits during the week. During homecoming week, our spirit is at an all time high, which creates a fun environment for every student to be apart of.