Students and Staff Welcome Mr. Sullivan


McCartney Elliott, Reporter

Mr. Sullivan is a new staff member and coach at Holdrege High School this 2019-2020 school year. His classes include health, strength training, and study hall.

Teachers have different approaches on teaching and coaching. This includes Mr. Sullivan. His approaches are unique and fun for both him and the students. When asked what inspired him to go into this career, he said, “Growing up, I had a couple of really good teachers, and they pushed me to become a teacher. I started working with them in the classroom, and that’s when I first started thinking about going into the field. I also had a lot of great coaches and have always loved to be around sports.”

Like the teachers he had, Mr. Sullivan hopes to inspire kids and watch them grow in knowledge. He also stated that the relationships he makes are a very rewarding part of the job. 

Another enjoyable part of his job is strength training. That is Mr. Sullivan’s favorite class to teach. “I like to stay active and busy,” he stated. When asked if he could teach any class he responded, “P.E. because I have always loved working with sports, and I feel like I know a lot about sports and activities. It is my favorite subject area.”

As stated above, Mr. Sullivan also oversees study halls. Most teachers might not choose to teach this class, but he enjoys it. “I have really good students; going from a study hall of 55 students to around 20 is nice,” he said. 

Mr. Sullivan is not a native of Holdrege, but he graduated high school from Centennial High School in Utica, a school and community similar in their small town culture. He then went to college at Wesleyan and Doane University. Even though he has been graduated from high school for a decade now,  he explained the high school experience is mostly the same. However, he wishes he had had more chances to get college credits during his time in high school. 

Mr. Sullivan fits in really well here at Holdrege High School. He has easily transitioned into the environment and become part of the postive atmosphere of the school. He has created positive relationships with the students he interacts with. Everyone has been receptive to his methods of both coaching and teaching.