Homecoming Ends with a Coronation


Avery Michalski, Reporter

The exciting events of Homecoming week conclude with the anticipated crowning of Homecoming King and Queen. Senior students are voted for as candidates by all the students at Holdrege High School. Being chosen as a candidate shows the senior student is seen as a role model in school, as well as a leader in the activities they are involved in. 

King candidates chosen this year were Nathan Anderson, Dylan Bauman, Treven Melroy, Zach Reed, and Ethan Twohig. Queen candidates chosen were Andria Finnegan, Kenzie Hurlbert, Carly Janssen, Kloey Kirwan, and Jirsie Klein. Students who voted during the week chose Ethan Twohig and Carly Janssen as this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. They were crowned at the coronation following the football game. 

After being crowned, Carly Janssen stated in an interview, “I’m honored to be chosen because Holdrege High School students are the best and there are so many deserving people!” 

Since King and Queen are voted on by the entire student body, whoever is chosen impacts the school community and community as a whole. Students are able to influence their peers through their actions, which can affect the community. Ethan stated, “I think being crowned impacts the community by letting people know I am someone their kids can trust and hopefully kids will follow my example and be supportive of their classmates.” 

Responsibility in the form of being a role model is another way being crowned affects the school community. Carly said, “I always try to be a good example because I know how much I looked up to seniors as an underclassman.” Ethan added, “I feel like I am always trying to lead by example when at school. I try to talk to the underclassmen and make them feel welcome.”

The crowning of Homecoming King and Queen is an annual tradition that highlights students of the senior class. It is a fun and exciting part of Homecoming that involves everyone in the student body. The students chosen as King and Queen reach beyond the walls of our school and impact our community as a whole. Likewise, Homecoming brings our community together to support and create a positive atmosphere for students of all ages.