Newest Foreign Exchange Student


Kinsey Urbom, Reporter

“Coming to Holdrege really hasn’t been that bad, mainly because of people being very welcoming towards me. I’ve been too busy to worry about home too much,”  said Kasper Scheller, Holdrege High School’s newest foreign exchange student, when asked what the hardest part about coming to Holdrege has been. 

     Kasper is from Denmark and is staying here with the Steinbach family. Being from Denmark, Kasper has noticed some lifestyle differences from his home to America. He said the biggest lifestyle difference he has noticed is in Denmark people are not very religious, so coming here has given him a whole new perspective on what it means to be religious. 

     In Denmark, kids go to school, then go home for an hour or two, then have sports practices, get home and eat a late supper. In Holdrege, students go straight from school to practice. Kasper said that is the major difference from his days at home versus here. Kasper is getting involved in activities during his time here at Holdrege High School. During the fall, he is involved in football and this spring is planning on doing sprints and long jump in track. He said he hopes to find something to do this winter to get involved, but isn’t sure what he wants to do. 

     I asked Kasper what his favorite thing to do in the United States has been since arriving, and he said that he has really enjoyed road trips. “Denmark is not a very big country so everything is very compact, so coming here I actually enjoy the ride to and from whatever cool thing I’m going to,” said Kasper. Kasper is eager to continue experiencing new things during his time in America.