FFA At Work


Bailey Edgren, Staff

Throughout the year, FFA members are involved in many FFA activities. I had the opportunity to ask the chapter president Tyler Badertscher and the chapter Historian Samantha Schemper a couple questions. So far, some of the competitions that have been going on are land judging and livestock judging; I was curious about some of the ways that Mr. Moore prepares the members for the livestock competitions. “We use a website that simulates some of the different livestock animals that we will judge, then it will tell you how well you did.” Mr. Moore also sends a big Google document of test questions for the big test we have to take,” answers Tyler Badertscher. I also was wondering how does someone prepare to judge land? Both Samatha and Tyler were able to answer my question. Samantha commented, saying, “Mr. Moore sets up practices at the park so that they can practice calculating slope without using a slope tool.” Tyler commented, “Over the years, Mr. Moore has collected dirt from past competitions to judge so the members are able to recognize what the different types of dirt feel like.” After that, I thought about all the work that goes into preparation for these competitions, which brought this question to mind: How much time do they put into FFA a week? Tyler said he usually puts in about 6-8 hours a week but when there are a lot of activities it’s about 10-15 hours a week. After practices and homework, Samantha is uploading pictures to keep the community up to date on what is going on. The FFA members are very pleased with how they did, and they kept their nose to the grindstone this last semester. I wish the best to all the FFA members for the rest of this year and congratulate them on a great job so far!