A New Culture


Megan Belgum, Staff

Starting this season with a new coach created a change in the atmosphere and culture of the Holdrege girls basketball team. Senior Jirsie Klein stated about the first week of practice, “I didn’t really expect a lot of the girls to come in with a positive attitude because of past years, but we’ve all really stepped it up.”

The theme for this year’s team is “No Fear.” All of the athletes are working on building confidence on the court and in each other. Head Coach Derek Runcie states, “This is one of the hardest working groups of girls we have had the privilege of leading. They are extremely coachable and have a desire to win.” This season the girls are becoming stronger physically and mentally. This will help with their game as well as help them win games. “While this level of play has been very good, we are still pushing a lot of these girls to reach that next level. A winning mentality,” Coach Runcie stated. 

The team has also focused a ton on becoming a family. Senior Ryan Melroy says, “It’s basically like hanging out with friends because of how close we all are.” Coach Runcie also says, “We want to win games. That is our number one goal. But being a part of a family that is there for you through thick and thin is second to none.” The team hopes to be successfulat reaching their goals throughout the season and bring back the reputations of girls basketball teams of the past. “We are excited about the progress they have made in a short amount of time and are looking forward to what the end product will look like,” stated Coach Runcie.