Big Aspirations


Grace Maloley, Staff

The speech team and coaches have many aspirations for the season. This season they are planning on improving individually and as a team. The speech team has meets every Saturday from January until March, but modifications in speeches and deliverance are constantly changing. Mrs. McCroden, the head coach, says this about how her plans for the meets they will go to this year: “I think this year, we will do great and peak at the right times and have a successful, exciting year.” When asked the same question, Maddie Moore, a senior who has participated in all four years of speech, says this as well: “As a whole, I am excited for all the new people this year, (there are more new participants this year than many other years) and it’s excititing to teach and encourage them throughout the season.” Individually, Maddie is excited to participate in bigger competitions this year. 

The increase in new faces in the speech team has had a huge impact on the coming years. Mrs. McCroden says that this is the result of the word being spread about what speech team is like, what it involves, and how much fun everyone thinks it is. Mrs. McCroden has always said, “Once you get the speech bug, it doesn’t go away!” She also says the increase in numbers can become more difficult when there are only two coaches involved. This can limits some team members’ practices. 

In addition to speech being a lot of fun, many benefits come from competing on the speech team. The coaches make sure to recognize them and enhance them. Maddy says that the biggest thing she has learned, is to take criticism with a grain of salt and not being upset about what judges say. I will leave you with Mrs. McCroden’s outlook on speech: “Speech team gets you out there talking to people you normally wouldn’t talk to and doing things you normally wouldn’t choose to do. It teaches you how to communicate well and learn how to be comfortable with an audience.”