Twisters Dance Team Gets in the Groove


Brooklyn Berney, Staff

With every season there are always changes, but for the Twisters dance team this year’s changes will better prepare them for the state competition. Everything from earlier practices to basketball game halftime performances and the Midland Competition will help the dancers prepare. “This year we are planning on learning our state dance early so that we can work on it every day, so we are super prepared!” said senior Carly Janssen. 

The team also has fewer girls than last year, which will help them look more put together. Andria Finnegan had this to say: “It will be easier to critique in groups so we can be more in sync with our dances and overall look better!” The Twisters are looking forward to the change that comes with a smaller group, they will be able to build a closer bond and which will help them to rely on their teammates.

The Twisters Dance Team puts in a lot of time and effort to perfect their routines. The time they put in isn’t limited to practice, but they put in time outside of practice to make sure they are caught up. They learn two to four dances a week depending on how many home basketball games there are that week. “We spend hours learning and perfecting routines before we perform them. Most of the girls practice the dances outside of practice too to make sure they have everything down. We also sometimes perform the dances in groups in front of each other to watch other girls and help them fix things they may not have realized they were doing,” said senior Natalie Reed. 

With these simple changes for the season, the Twisters are very excited about what’s to come and can’t wait to get into their competitions again! The girls not only love to dance, they have a great love for the team! “I am very grateful for being a part of the Dance Team. It is a unique and amazing experience to take part in,” said senior Hannah Bryant.