New Season, New Team


Kinsey Urbom, Staff

Every year the Holdrege Duster wrestling team puts in a lot of hard work and effort to try to make their new season better than their last season. Justin Ganser, the Holdrege Wrestling head coach said, “Every year is a little different with new kids coming out and all of the freshmen that join the team. I really look forward to seeing our guys come together as a team and being there for each other.” 

A lot of preparation goes into the start of the wrestling season. Duster wrestler Imanol Munoz said, “For me, the hardest part about getting ready for the season is getting mentally prepared and trying not to get intimidated,” but Trenton Weak, another wrestler said, “The hardest part for me is cutting weight and not being able to eat certain foods.” 

Cutting weight is a big part of the wrestlers’ lives during the season. It takes work to cut the weight and then maintain that weight throughout the season. “It takes quite a bit of discipline to be able to cut weight and stay there throughout the winter, but your body definitely starts helping you towards the end of the season,” Treven Melroy had this to say about his own experience cutting weight.

 After asking the wrestlers how they think they will do as a team this year, senior Treven Melroy responded with, “I think we have a strong team this year and that we click more than any other wrestling team I’ve been apart of. We are all pushing each other to do our best and to help the team in duals and tournaments.” 

Of course the team hopes to get a lot of wins every season, but when asked about his goals for the team this year, Trent Weak said, “I am hoping as a team we will have a winning record for duels and finish in the top five at tournaments. We will just have to work hard in practice and in the weight room to get there.” The wrestlers have made a good start to their season and are excited to see how the rest of it goes.