HHS Choirs Work Hard to Perform Fall and Winter Concerts


Hannah Andesron, Staff

Think about going to a concert by your favorite singer. Many students have dreams of becoming the singer that everyone goes to see. Every year a group of about one hundred students prepare to perform at the annual HHS Fall and Winter Concerts. People come to watch and enjoy the beautiful music that is made. However, many people don’t actually know the amount of preparation and work that goes into making these concerts a success. 

Mrs. Brock, the director of all of the choirs at HHS, starts the preparation process by listening to dozens of songs in order to pick out the one that will best highlight all of the group’s strengths, while still challenging them. Mrs. Brock stated that her favorite song of the performance was “Mary Did You Know” because the song is “challenging, but everyone will have a sense of accomplishment because of the hard work that they have put into it.” 

The next step in the process is to learn the notes, words, and dynamics of the song. Wyatt Hornaman, a senior in concert choir feels that the concerts take a lot of hard work, focus, and positive energy to make them each a success. Grace Maloley, a sophomore in mixed chorus agrees that it takes a lot of hard work because every aspect of the music needs to be memorized and cleaned up in the two months given to prepare all of the songs. Many students also take time outside of the school day to practice for the performance. Sophomore Delaney Ham says that she runs through all of her choreography for women’s ensemble, a choir group that sings and dances, before she performs. 

Another key element to making the show a success is having a good relationship with the other members of the ensemble. Director Mrs. Brock says that one of her goals for improving the choir throughout the year is to have more communication between choir members as well as creating a safe place for people to come and have fun singing. Senior Madison Parsons says that one thing she is going to miss about choir is hanging out with her friends. She said she will miss the connection she has made with people in the choir. 

Students join choir for many reasons. Some want to be a part of it because they want to pursue a career in music. Some join choir as a way to get together and make new friends and some are a part of the choir just to sing because they think it is fun. No matter the reason for being in choir, every student, and even Mrs. Brock, put in tremendous amounts of work to make the concerts a success.