Marching to Memories!


Chaylyn McGowan, Staff

This year marching band was all about making memories while striving to be the best you could be.  Senior Emily Gustafson, the marching band’s drum major for this year, was eager to make lasting memories as it is her final year at HHS, but also to be succuessful with her bandmates at competitions. Emily was very excited to be going to state for the last time, she had this to say: “Obviously, it was kind of sad because it was my last time, but it was the best show that I think we’ve ever done.” For their first performance, Emily was nervous, but not too nervous. Once she overcame her nerves, it was a breeze. 

The desire to do well and make memories was contagious this season. Jonothan Halverson, the band instructor, gave this year’s marching band some interesting news: it has been 11 years  since Holdrege High School had a received superior at state. Learning this drove the band to try their hardest to beat that record. 

Senior Emily Gustafson said this about her most memorable performance,“ I think the most memorable performance was state band because it was our best performance. The numbers didn’t show that we improved but everyone in the band as well as Mr. Halvorson could see that we did.” 

Everyone in the band knew they would receive an Excellent at state, but they also believed they had a chance to earn the highest rank, Superior. This year’s band had its challenges and its triumphs, but they made it through with many memories and goals achieved.