Behind the Scenes: Many Different Roles, One Production


Delaney Ham, Staff

In any show, game, or event, there are many parts that work together to create the production you see. In one act, you have everyone from the artists who design the set to the technicians in the sound booth to the actors on stage. Without one of these pieces, the show wouldn’t be possible!

When I asked Braden Anderson, a junior, about his part as an actor in the play, he said, “My role as an actor requires me to have full trust in everyone else. We’re who you see, but the people behind the scenes are who run it… we wouldn’t have a show without them!” Senior Daniel deFreese, who runs the sound booth, had a similar response: “I’m not the face of the show, but without sound, lights, or projections the show would be boring!”Hannah Anderson also talked about her part as an extra. “Being an extra is an important part of the play, especially in our game show scene. You need a big audience for applause and other reactions, otherwise, the scene just doesn’t work!”

With so many different “roles” in the production, everyone is involved for a different reason. Tehya Cuypers, a senior, responded, “I just really like performing; I always tell people one of my only talents is talking, so that gets me excited. I also like playing someone else and getting to step into someone else’s skin.” Elijah Dutcher said, “I really like being on stage, and I love being on stage with that group of people. I think we have a great team.”

Aside from the actors you see on stage, there are also a lot of people offstage working to help the performance flow flawlessly from start to finish. Maddie Moore, who has been the head stage manager for the last two years, said, “I love competing, getting to watch our kids progress throughout the year and watching them develop their characters. I just love seeing all the hard work being put into one final product.”

Recalling some favorite memories from the action-packed season, Mrs. Olson, the one act coach and director of the play, said, “I think the highlight for me was seeing 17 kids on the stage with acting awards at districts. I’ve never had that many kids get acting awards at one competition!” Ethan Twohig replied, “I think the public performance was my highlight; we were all excited and nervous and performed really well in front of friends and family.”

After her last performance, senior Kamryn Lynch quoted, “It was such a good show to have for my last year in one act. I’m sad that it’s over, but we gave it our all and had a good time on stage, and that’s what really matters.” And she couldn’t have said it any better. Although there are many different responsibilities and “roles” in putting on the one act play, everything (and everyone!) comes together to bring the show to life.