Finishing Strong


Ryan Melroy, Editor

At the beginning of every season, athletes have one goal in mind… state. Qualifying for the state cross country meet is not an uncommon thing at HHS. Over the past three years, the Holdrege cross country teams have ended their seasons with success. However, this year brought new challenges. Making the shift from competing as a team at the state meet to focusing on individual competition was a new adjustment for the Dusters. “It was different this year because there were only three people that qualified. It was different to not have the team aspect pushing you,” stated junior Lacy Biltoft.

Despite less focus being put on the team aspect, three Dusters continued the tradition of making the presence of HHS felt at the state cross country meet this year. Senior Kenzie Hurlbert and Juniors Bryant Fulmer and Lacy Biltoft all finished their season by achieving their main goal, one last race at the state meet. 

“My biggest goal I achieved this year was making it to the state tournament. Having been there before and knowing what the atmosphere was like really drove me to push through our hard practices,” senior Kenzie Hurlbert said. 

All three qualifiers were not strangers to the state meet: Fulmer, a two-time qualifier, Biltoft a three-time qualifier, and Hurlbert making the trip to the state meet all four years. Among them, they have two team championships, a state runner up title, and a handful of individual medals. At the meet this year, the Dusters came up shy of any medals, but they still have much to be proud of. The future for HHS Cross Country is bright.