New Opportunities Await Our Student Council and National Art Honors Society Members

Madison Wood, Staff

Being back in school doesn’t usually thrill high school students, but with the extended time away from school, our groups are overjoyed to be back. Even with the challenges Covid-19 deals them, they have plenty of activities they are enthusiastic about taking part in this year. They are ready to conquer the obstacles this year will bring. 

Leaving school in March instead of May caused some of our groups to miss certain opportunities that normally take place within their groups. The National Art Honors Society (NAHS) had just begun the planning of three new murals for the school. Because they weren’t able to start those murals last spring, they are eager to make up for lost time and began work on them as soon as possible. Of course, participating in these activities will look different this year. Smaller groups will be utilized. These small groups will be able to work on the murals at different times, and they will have to wear masks while they paint. NAHS President Avery Michalski stated, “I’m excited to begin working on the murals again.” This is a sentiment echoed by members of other school organizations. 

The student council members did not experience the same losses that groups like NAHS did. They were able to hold all of their events before they left school. Even so, they, too, are looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the usual events and activities.  Despite the challenges they will face, student council president Jenessa Landin can’t wait to plan the homecoming pep rally. Another event she would love to do is Socktober. “My favorite part of Socktober is seeing which class can donate the most.” This is an important event because the school is able to collect socks that the student council sends to places and people in need. Homeless shelters are always in need of donations of this kind.

Another community out reach activity that NAHS is looking forward to putting on this year is their annual Kids Art day. Avery says, “It is fun to teach the kids.” Getting to see the kids embrace their creative side is rewarding to the members of NAHS and makes this event one of the most enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Despite the optimism of these groups, they must still adapt to the different guidelines brought about by Covid-19. These changes affect how the groups function. One of the most impactful changes is the need to be socially distant. Our large groups can longer meet in the usual locations; they now have to locate new places to meet that can give them the extra space to spread our. The student council has overcome this issue by meeting in the choir room. The roomy area allows them to meet in person but be as safe as possible. NAHS used hold their meetings in the art room, but with so many members this year, they will need to relocate.  Mrs. Wiese says they will most likely meet in the Tassel this year. Meeting in the Tassel will provide more space for the 30 members to social distance. In addition to utilizing larger spaces for group meetings, a lot of the information that normally is shared in person is being communicated through email. 

Everyone’s safety is the main concern with the implementation of these new regulations. For these groups, this is just a speed bump in the road–easily overcome. Adapting their normal routines to incorporate these new regulations allows them to be able to keep everyone safe which is their first priority. Even though this might mean they may not get participate in all the projects or events they had hoped too, the student council and NAHS members alike are excited to be able to meet again. Other school organizations would agree. 

Even with the difficulties Covid-19 has presented, these groups are still planning their activities just with the new regulations in mind. They are ready to overcome the challenges. Not even Covid-19 is going to prevent them from taking the opportunities to share what they love with their school and their community.