Homecoming Royalty: Kings and Queens of Kindness? Integrity? Leadership?


Madison Wood, Staff

Respectful. Kind. Involved. To many students at Holdrege High School, these three words represent homecoming kings and queens. Homecoming royalty represents multiple  aspects of the high school community. It means something different to every student. Regardless of whether they feel it’s just based on popularity or  a way to recognize the seniors, it doesn’t change the intent of homecoming royalty. Without realizing it, students vote for people with these same three qualities at their core.

Homecoming royalty represents more to students than most people realize. This year’s homecoming king Rudy Sanko feels it symbolizes leadership. Beyond that, Rudy feels it is an honor to be able to represent his class as homecoming king. The responsibility of representing the class of 2021 doesn’t seem to weigh down our homecoming king and queen; they feel honored to have the chance. Avery Michalski, homecoming queen, feels grateful just being nominated. Avery’s thoughts on homecoming royalty have changed since she was a freshman. She has now had more “voting experiences.” The underclassmen haven’t had many homecoming experiences, but are grasping the concept of royalty in their own way. “I think we have it to recognize the seniors and what they have done,” Sophomore Hanna Swearingen said. 

Voting for homecoming royalty has many purposes for the students. Students here at Holdrege High School consider voting for homecoming royalty a way to recognize the seniors. Throughout their four years of high school, our candidates have accomplished many achievements in their activities. Regardless of whether those achievements are in sports or academic groups, being involved in several activities allows underclassmen to get to know the seniors and in turn vote for them based on the relationships they’ve built. Recognition isn’t the only reason HHS students vote for homecoming royalty. Freshman Maycen Wilson feels the tradition of voting for royalty is a way of saying “good job” to the seniors. 

Most people wouldn’t recognize it at first glance, but there are certain traits students feel homecoming kings and queens should embody. Rudy believes homecoming kings “should be able to lead no matter what.” The ability to lead a group is important to students voting for royalty. Another important quality is that they are kind to everyone. Treating everyone with kindness is a great way to show leadership. Another way to show leadership is to be involved in many activities. Most of the candidates are involved in either sports or academic groups, which is how they connect with younger students. Many of the older kids in these activities are people underclassmen look up to for guidance. 

Understanding the purpose of voting for homecoming royalty helps you discover the reasoning behind having it. Homecoming royalty holds significance for each student at HHS, even if the significance differs. One might may think it stands for leadership and someone else might believe its for recognition. Regardless of how the significance differs from person to person, one thing remains: the quality of our candidates.