Winter Frenzy


Ava Wells, Staff

The winter season at Holdrege High School is one of the busiest seasons for student athletes. The teams have a lot of goals to accomplish. With the adversity each of the teams face, there is a lot to overcome, and they plan to face those challenges this season with determination.

The high school dance team, and the boys and girls basketball teams have a great deal planned for their upcoming seasons. Senior dance team member Avery Michalski says, “We are all very excited about the season even with the setbacks of COVID.” She also states, “We have all been practicing very hard and teaching more difficult dances.” The dance team performs at half time of both the boys and girls basketball games with a new dance for each one. They also compete at state dance in February. The dance team has much they want to achieve, from team bonding to the performances. There are many objectives the team has set before themselves. Michalski says, “This season I want there to be more of a team environment.” She also states, “I just want us to have fun as well as work hard!” Trust and communication both have very major influences on the dance team. Avery says, “Our biggest setback is our lack of communication.” An absence of communication can very easily be a breaking point in any team.  What defines a team more than the setbacks they experience is how they confront them and move past them. “We work hard on trying to resolve the issues we encounter sooner rather than later. We also focus on still making time for fun despite the chaos and stress of the dancing,” Michalski stated.

The girls basketball team also has a busy season ahead. Senior Taylor Wiser said, “The season is going good so far; we are all a lot faster this year and we are all very grateful we still get to play!” The girls team is working hard to improve from previous years every day and over weekends. They also have plenty of goals set for this season. Wiser says,”Our main goal is to make it to state this year or at least place in conference.” Last season the team placed second at district finals. With their goals, there are also challenges they face. Taylor Wiser states, “The biggest setback we encounter is probably our shooting percentages. We plan to improve that by shooting on our own and out of practice.” How they plan to move past these setbacks also plays an important role in their successes. Wiser says, “Our team works very hard to overcome our challenges by staying after practice to work on our skills and have team practices on the weekend.”

Similarly to the girls, the boys have big plans ahead. Sophomore Jackson Hinrichs states, “We are all pretty confident for the upcoming games this season.” Each team has their own goals they all are wanting to accomplish this season such as bonding more as a team, making it further in the season, and having a winning record. Hinrichs states, “This season we want to have a winning record and make a run in districts.” These are  reachable goals that the basketball team will  have to work hard to acheive. There are also many setbacks they will encounter. Jackson says, “The small mistakes and the lack of experience is probably our team’s biggest setback.” They plan to move past these setbacks by practicing harder each and every day and playing full out in every game. The hard work and dedication these players put into their teams is visible when it comes to game days.

As the season progresses, the winter sports teams have plenty to improve on. The diligence each player demonstrates is a contribution to the team. They are optimistic it will show when it comes to games and performance. There will always be adversity to face, but focusing on the strengths and working on the weaknesses will benefit each team in the long run!