Twisters Finish Their Year with State Dance

Ava Wells, Staff

The winter season is very engaging and busy for the Holdrege Twisters Dance Team. From the late night practices to the early mornings, the dancers are constantly working.  As state dance approaches, the team has a lot of things to work on with the memorization and technique in the dance. There are many different goals in place that each of the dancers have set for themselves and the team that they wish to accomplish with all of the time they are putting in. 

The Twisters Dance Team only competes once a year because there are not many competitions for them to take place in, that makes it a very substantial competition for them. Every year, the Twisters perform a kick dance at the state dance competition. This year, the competition is on February 18, which is approaching for them very quickly. Senior Avery Michalski states, “Competing at state dance is special because we only compete once a season and in past years, before I was on the team, we have won.” Last year the dance team placed second at the state competition. Junior Brooklyn Berney said, “Without competing, our team would have nothing to work toward; having something big to work toward helps us all improve physically and mentally. State and the practices leading up help each of us individually to improve as dancers.” Preparation, including the practices leading up to state dance, are very strenuous and tiring. These practices have large effects on the girls, increasing stress levels and adding physical strain on their legs. Kick dances take a great deal of endurance and concentration. Berney states, “By the end of the dance you are ready to quit; it takes a lot of stamina.” 

Preparing for state dance is a long process. The team has practice every week day and sometimes twice a day as the competition draws nearer. Practices are lengthy and arduous. Perfecting a kick dance requires a lot of practice and has to become natural to the dancers. “It’s very difficult and takes a big toll on us physically and mentally. It really wears on our hamstrings,” said sophomore Lorna Weides. To meet the requirements for the state kick dance there has to be 60 kicks in the dance. These could be in a kick line, while the dancers are on their own, or just at any point in the dance. Continuing to practice and run the dance and repeat it is very demanding for every dancer. Along with all the practices there are many goals in place for each dancer individually and the team as a whole. 

Brooklyn Berney said, “My main goal for the rest of the season is to feel happy about our performance at state and to end on a high note.” Correspondingly, Avery Michalski stated, “I want our team to mainly just enjoy the rest of the season and have fun.” It is a stressful time for many of the girls, as they have to continue taking and giving criticism on how the dancers are doing and what they need to improve on for the team.” Michalski also said, “We all really need to work on giving positive feedback as well as things to just improve on.” Lorna Weides said, “As a team I would say our main goal is to feel confident in how we perform and to finish the season positively.” To be able to reach each of these goals, the girls will have to continue to improve and focus in practice, as well as practice on their own. The feeling of relief and achievement after the dance is over makes it all worth it. Junior McCartney Elliott said, “I love competing for the feeling of success. After you walk off the stage, it is just a feeling of relief and accomplishment.” After practicing perpetually, every member of the team takes a feeling of accomplishment amongst themselves. For several years the dance team has been competing at state dance, making it a tradition to them.  Every year the seniors are obliged to continue to carry out that tradition and lead the team to working hard and putting in everything they have by showing strong leadership skills and discipline. Avery Michalski said, “The legacy I want to leave behind with state dance is that we put all of our effort into the competition.” As an underclassmen, Lorna Weides said, “I wish to carry out the legacy the seniors left by practicing with everything I have and encouraging the rest of the team to do the same!” The dance team’s hard work and dedication is visible when they perform. 

The Twisters Dance Team will continue to practice with a positive attitude to reach the goals they have set for themselves and for the team. As state approaches, the physical, mental, and emotional challenges will continue to present themselves but the dancers will continue to persist through it all.

Updated: The Twisters finished 3rd at state in the Class B High Kick division.