Students Look Forward to Having Prom Again

Ava Wells, Staff

Prom is a significant event for many high school students. It is a night HHS students look forward to many years in advance. The preparation has a big impact on the outcome and how it will be enjoyed for the  students. 

The planning process takes several months. The junior class officers have a large role in preparing for the event. The class officers this year are: McCartney Elliott, president; Grace Maloley, vice president; and Brooklyn Berney, secretary. These class officers are also responsible for organizing different committees for prom. Some of the groups include: seating, invitations, decorations, music, and food. The remaining members of the groups are filled by junior classmates. When organizing, the students meet and decide on ideas.

With prom getting closer, students are asked to do more. “It begins to get more stressful as we all have to start doing more of the physical work,” Elliott stated. The teachers in charge of helping are Mrs. Laura Beerman, and Mrs. Polly Pearson. This year will bring new challenges for the prom committees, due to the pandemic. 

One new change will be the location of prom. Prom is typically held at the Holdrege City Auditorium, but this year the location will be at the Holdrege High School gymnasium. Mrs. Pearson said, “One of the reasons the location was changed was due to Covid precautions. It’s a lot easier to monitor who comes in and out of prom if it is at the school. Getting the decorations from one place to another will be easier too.” Everything is stored in a room at the high school media center. This year a lot of the materials and decorations from last year’s prom are being used because the 2020 prom was cancelled due to the pandemic. The students are very grateful they get the opportunity to enjoy this fun night this year. 

Many consider prom to be as memorable as graduation. McCartney Elliott stated, “Prom is always seen as this magical thing we’ve seen in movies ever since we were little kids, so getting to actually go to one is a big moment.” Getting to wear dresses and suits and have fun with  friends is also a big part of the event. “Prom is so special because it’s a time where you are away from school, but still with everyone in your class,” Grace Maloley said. She also stated, “It’s fun to get all dressed up and get your hair and makeup done!”

Many steps are taken to prepare and make the night as special as it can be for students. There is a lot of work involved, but the outcome makes it all worthwhile. It will be a night to remember throughout high schoolers lives! “Just being able to have prom this year makes all the work worth it!” said Junior Kade Komenda.