The Return of Duster Football


Beau Jensen

Holdrege Duster football is something you want to see this season with 2nd year head coach, Jacob McLain leading the way for the Dusters along with his eight seniors. The Dusters are looking to improve on their 2020 campaign where they went 2-7.  Morale on the team is high and they look to exceed expectations.

 Last season was more of a learning year for the new head coach, and some of the changes he said he had to make were, “too much of the small stuff, like our practice format, simplifying the playbook and making our vision known.” Max Hunter and Carson Scheele, two out of the eight seniors this year, also reflected on last year. Hunter said, “I have more confidence and trust in what the coaches have planned for us this year and I’m going to buy into it.”


The Dusters this year have a bright future ahead of them after representing Holdrege well at summer camps at Grand Island Northwest and Cozad. They look more competitive than in years past. Carson Scheele wants to “bring the pride back to the program” and have a winning season. McLain said about the seniors, “They’re doing a good job leaving their mark on the program and doing a great job being examples.” When talking about the underclassmen, he said, “ I believe that those kids, from watching them in the summer, want to be good at sports in general.”


Not only have they had a year of football under their belt but they have been working with strength and conditioning specialist Coach Jantzi since last year. Hunter stated, “He introduced a more vigorous training program and it got me way stronger and faster.” If you have seen his twitter feed the results are showing just after a little over a year. He has brought a huge spark into all of our athletic programs and will continue to do so. 

The Dusters start their season this week playing Adams Central at 7 p.m. at Kiefer Field.