Duster Volleyball Looks to Improve Over Previous Years


Collin Young

The volleyball season is upcoming and we got a chance to sit down and talk to Coach Birner and seniors Mallory Pfiefer and Brooklyn Berney. Going into this season, the main focus is to get better every day and turn some narrow losses last year into wins. The Dusters ended last year going 6-23 and they look to improve on that mark this year.

This season is Coach Birner’s first year as head coach of the volleyball program.  Prior to arriving in Holdrege, Birner spent time as an assistant at North Bend Central. When asked about what the goals are for the year Coach Birner said “I want the girls to have stronger fundamentals and have a strong foundation for the team.”  In preparation for this season he is giving them the game plans and strategies.  He says he would like to see the team “improve defensively and in serve receive.”  Choosing the starters is always a challenge, but he feels in order for them to start they have to show good fundamentals.  

Seniors Mallory Pfeifer and Brooklyn Berney shared many of the same views on the team.  When asked how the team has improved over last year Berney stated that  “their passing has gotten better” and Pfeifer added that “they play together well,” which is a sign for good things to come.  Goals and expectations for the year include winning more games and having more fun.  Pfeifer has prepared for the season by setting a lot more and working on learning her hitters. In preparation for the season Berny has had to adjust to the right side as she moved positions from last year. She also has focused on learning the court and defense better. 

Coaches and players have worked hard and are excited for this year’s Duster volleyball season to begin.  Fans have a role in the season as well. Seniors Berney and Pfeifer hope that more fans can come to the game this year and Coach Birner hopes that those fans can bring energy into the Duster Dome.

The first Duster volleyball game will take place in Lexington next Thursday with a triangular between Holdrege, Lexington and Minden. You can catch the Dusters in the Duster Dome on September 7th when they host Aurora.