Duster Softball Ready for a Successful Season


Ella Jacobson, Staff

I got the chance to head to the softball fields and speak with Coach Hale; our Duster softball’s head coach, along with assistant coach Jordan Metzger. They hope to supersede last year’s win-loss record of 11-19. 

Senior leaders include Kaeley Klein, Faith Raburn, McCartney Elliot, and Bailey Henry.  So far in the 2021 season, the Dusters have compiled a 5-5 record and have seen some of those 5 games narrowly slip away.

This is Coach Jason Hale’s first year as head softball coach. Last year he was an assistant coach on the staff, and he is glad he got the opportunity to coach softball. Previously, Hale has been a football coach for 35 years and stepped down after the 2019 season. Hale has always had a love for the sport of baseball and softball but never had much time to coach it. Hale is seeing great progress on the field this year and likes seeing the older girls get another year of experience under their belts. Coach Hale likes watching these girls put in the work and get better every time they go out and play.

 “We want to be at our best at the end of the season,” Hale said. They had some struggles in the beginning fielding wise but they have been progressing and getting better.

Coach Metzger is fresh to the coaching ranks. She brings college experience after graduating and playing softball at Concordia University.  She is also one of the new elementary teachers here in Holdrege. Metzger is super excited about being able to work with the girls on the team. She loves getting to know the girls and building bonds with them. Coach Metzger says, “I love helping all the girls improve on a game I love.” 

Check out the Holdrege Duster softball team, Coach Hale, and Coach Metzger in action this year. They will play host to Kearney Catholic on September 9 in Holdrege.