Sullivan Sets Sights on Improvements for Holdrege Activities


Collin Young, Staff

Mr. Sullivan is already making some big changes. Mr. Sullivan’s first year as Activities Director has already been marked by a change in conferences and future goals for the school. His role is to oversee activities at HHS and includes everything from scheduling, transportation, officials, eligibility, getting students involved, helping build the programs, and providing support for teams. 

During his first year here he says he plans to get involved and learn about as many activities as he can. This will let him provide support and help them improve as much as possible. He also hopes to help all students have a great experience in activities and he wants students leaving high school to cherish the time they spent in extracurricular activities. 

When asked what he thinks Holdrege activities do well he said, “All of our competitors across all activities do a great job of giving everything they have at competitions.” 

We talked about the future of activities. He said he doesn’t see any new activities being offered as there is already a large offering of activities. Having too much could result in low participation rates and there has already been a decrease. When asked about what he is going to do to get the participation rates up he said, “I wish I had a perfect answer. This is also something I am very concerned about and want to work on. There are a lot of schools that are seeing a decline in participation numbers but the participation percentages here in Holdrege are very concerning. The first step to this is determining what interests students and why are so many not participating in something. With such a wide variety of activities offered at Holdrege it is a major concern that we have such low interest rates. At the end of the day it comes down to students becoming interested enough to give something a try.”

Holdrege is also switching to the Southwest Conference for the 2021-22 school year.  Holdrege was a founding member of the conference and is getting back to its roots. When asked if he thought switching to the Southwest Conference would be better for the school in the future he said, “I absolutely think it will be the best thing for Holdrege. This decision was made with students in mind.  The Southwest Conference is made up of a lot of schools that are very similar to Holdrege in class size and school offerings.” Other members of the Southwest Conference currently consist of Gothenburg, Broken Bow, Cozad, Minden, Valentine, Ainsworth, McCook, and Ogallala.

Mr. Sullivan’s hope for Duster Athletics is to see a gradual increase in the number of students involved whether that be Band, One Act, Cheer, Dance or athletics. He states, “I believe there are so many valuable lessons to be learned through extra-curricular activities that help prepare you for life. I see our programs and coaches emphasizing attention to detail and teaching our athletes to become great leaders. Our goal is to make our school and community proud.”